GSC Award: Minister of Economics, Trade and Industry Prize
Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited
The Development and Industrialization of the Vapor Phase Beckmann Rearrangement Process for the Production of -Caprolactam
GSC Award: Minister of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology Prize
Yasutaka Ishii, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Kansai University
Tetsuji Yanami and Tatsuya Nakano, Daicel Chemical Industries, LTD.
Development and Industrialization of Novel Environmentally Benign Aerobic Oxidation Method
GSC Award: Minister of the Environment Prize
Yukihiro Kiuchi, Masatoshi Iji, NEC Corporation
Hiroshi Suzuki and Hironori Oosuga, Sumitomo Bakelite CO., LTD.
Development of Environmentally Friendly Self-Extinguishing Epoxy Resin Compound and Its Application to Electronic Devices