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2006.10.12 Invitation to GSC-AON 2007
March 7-9, 2007
at Hitotsubashi Memorial Auditorium Tokyo

Correspondence:Kazuhiko Hiyoshi, Secretary, AON
Green & Sustainable Chemistry Network (GSCN)
c/o Japan Chemical Innovation Institute (JCII)
1-3-5 Kanda Jimbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0051, Japan
2006.04.11 Invitation to GSC-AON 2007

March 7-9, 2007 (Hitotsubashi Memorial Auditorium Tokyo)
   Program           (Under Planning)
   Registration form (To be appeared soon)

   Key Dates: Submission of poster abstract November 30, 2006.
              Early Registration            January 31, 2007.

   Correspondence:Kazuhiko Hiyoshi, Secretary, AON
              Green & Sustainable Chemistry Network (GSCN)
              c/o Japan Chemical Innovation Institute (JCII)
              1-3-5 Kanda Jimbo-cho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0051, Japan
                                           Facsimile: +81-3-5282-0250;

  2005.08.09 Invitation to 6th GSC SYMPOSIUM
2005.02.25 The Forth (2004) GSC Awards Winners and their Achievements
2005.02.25 The First (2004)GSC Student Travel Grant Awards Winners
2006.04.04 Invitation to 6thGSC SYMPOSIUM
March 7-8 (Hitotsubashi Memorial Auditorium, Tokyo)
Abstracts of lecture and poster (written in Japanese)
2005.08.12 Invitation to 5thGSC SYMPOSIUM
March 7-8 (Hitotsubashi Memorial Auditorium, Tokyo)
Abstracts of lecture and poster (written in Japanese)
2004.01.05 Invitation to 4th GSC SYMPOSIUM
March 8-9 (Hitotsubashi Memorial Auditorium, Tokyo)
Registration form, Program, etc. (written in Japanese)
Deadline:Submission of poster abstract is January 19, 2004.
            Early-bird Registration is January 19, 2004.
2003.10.10 A symposia sponsored by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) will be held.

"AIST Green & Sustainable Chemistry Symposium"2004.1.30, Hotel Lungwood, Nippori, Tokyo (language is Japanese)

For further information, click here.

2003.06.16 Contents of GSC TOKYO 2003 book was posted.
Abstracts of each lecture and poster are also posted.
S1 Plenary (PDF File 10 kB)
S2 Industry's Vision toward GSC (PDF File 16 kB)
S3 Science and Technology for GSC (PDF File 11 kB)
S4< Education & Enlightenment for GSC (PDF File 15 kB)
S5 GS/GSC Awards Winners' Presentation (PDF File 18 kB)
S6 Accomplishments by Academia/Industry Collaboration (PDF File 14 kB)
S7 Implementation of GSC by Industry (PDF File 16 kB)
S8 Metrics for GSC (PDF File 14 kB)
S10 Frontiers of GSC (PDF File 16 kB)
S11 GSC, Present and Future (PDF File 8 kB)
A1 Green Synthesis, Substituted solvents (Supercritical, Ionic liq.) (PDF File 33 kB)
A2 Green Synthesis, Catalyst (PDF File 46 kB)
A3 Green Synthesis, New Process (PDF File 25 kB)
A4 Green Synthesis, New Synthetic route (PDF File 18 kB)
B Bio, Biodegradable plastics (PDF File 41 kB)
C Resources, Energy, Recycle (PDF File 55 kB)
D&E Safety, Remediation, Education (PDF File 16 kB)


Book of Abstract can be obtained by sending JPY1,800 (Asia), JPY2,400 (Oceania, North America & Middle East), JPY2,800 (Europe) and JPY3,800 (South America & Africa) with your name, address, e-mail etc. to the secretariat
<> The Second Symposium of Green Sustainable Chemistry, held on
 November 12-13, 2001, Yokohama

      Summary of Lectures and Posters of the 2nd Symposium
      Oral session (pdf file 22.4 kB)
      Green Synthesis (pdf file 117 kB)
      Bio & Biodegradable Plastics (GreenPla) (pdf file 25.5 kB)
      Supercritical liquid (pdf file 45.7 kB)
      Evaluation & Safety (pdf file 27.6 kB)
<> The First Symposium of Green Sustainable Chemistry ,
held on October 12-13, 2000

      Summary of Lectures and Posters

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